Saint Judicael ap Hoel c.590–658 was the King of Domnonée and became a Breton high King at the time that Ineswirin was donated to Glastonbury. Judicaël King of Domnonia was also Iudicael, King of the Bretons; Domnonia’s kings probably continue as high kings of Brittany since the emigration of the Britons to Brittany. It was a direct result of the secondary Saxon incursion into Devon c.570-600 which caused the King of Devon to donate the Island of Ineswitrin to Glastonbury in 601 which contains the relics of Joseph of Arimathea and Jesus. So, the kings of Domnonia effectively become listed as Kings of the Bretons. In the Chronicle of Fredegar, a Judicael is named as King of the Bretons at this time. This is probably the reason for his dealings with Dagobert and Eligius. In 635, Dagobert ordered Judicael to come to his palace at Clichy and renew fealty to him, threatening to invade Brittany if he did not. Is it surprising then that much of this secret lore surrounding a bloodline from Mary Magdalene and Jesus found its way in to France like the famous decryption: To Dagobert II, King, and to Sion belong this treasure and he is there dead.

There are two certainties. The resurrection does not involve a physical body. If we accept that premise…. then the second is that Joseph of Arimathea and Jesus’ remains are somewhere. It is only the scholars who deny what Melkin has clearly shown us and misunderstand what Henry Blois has obfuscated.

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